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What Conditions Qualify for Short Term Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your income when disability prevents you from completing the core functions of your work. Mostly we don’t realize the risk of becoming disabled permanently or temporarily. Here you will know about short term disability insurance by INSTANT DISABILITY and conditions to qualify for it.

Short term disability insurance is a plan designed to replace a portion of your pay check if you are unable to work due to an off the job sickness or accident. If you are unable to work your pay checks may stop but your financial responsibilities do not. Short term disability insurance protects your pay check and is one of the most important plans that you can purchase.

The very basic qualification for short term disability insurance is an event that temporarily puts you out of work and it can be due to any illness injury or accident. But the conditions to qualify for short term disability insurance vary from company to company.

Here’s a list of common conditions that typically qualify for short-term medical disability insurance:- 
  • Accident or surgeries- if the policy holder meets with an accident and is not able to go to work  for short period of time due to injury suffered in the accident qualifies for insurance after  medical examination report from a doctor.
  • Less body mobility- limited body mobility-can affect your pace of work for short or a long period of time. If you are unable to work due to mobility issues then your income will be backed by the company for almost 6 months to a year.
  • Surgery rehabilitation – post surgery weakness, stiffness is experienced in the body which  requires rehabilitation process to get well soon including physical therapies , exercises and rest  which will help recovery after operation. In cases where going to work might not be possible can apply for the insurance and avail its benefits.
  • Cognitive issues- these issues affect the normal functioning of brain and include symptoms such as memory loss, lack of concentration and also affects the decision making abilities. Cognitive function can be of temporary or permanent nature. Their conditions can affect the individual’s daily operations.
  • Different types of physical issues are covered in short term disability insurance like – back  problems, knee disorders, accidents or surgeries, cancer,, strokes, heart attacks and pregnancies  also covered under it.
  • After you qualify on the terms and conditions plus diseases and cases that are mentioned under the policy then you can apply for claiming the insurance.
  • The application for claiming your insurance is not at all a complimentary task. There are only limited conditions that are supposed to be fulfilled like medical examination reports and time mentioned in report of inability to do work. After the whole examination of paperwork by the department of disability insurance company the process of monthly insurance payment is started and it is called as the waiting period. This period is of few days and can stretch up to 30 days sometimes.
This policy protects around 60%of your income.

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