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What Is the Fastest & Cheapest Courier Service?

At Prestige Movers, we believe we have the answer. Us! We’re the go-to courier service across the UK and for good reason too. We provide our award-winning services to both individual and business clients and boast a wealth of happy customers from all across the country and Europe.

Our prestige couriers offer a very personal service, ensuring that all goods are handled with care and attentiveness – we know how important a package can be to both its sender and recipient. Prestige Movers is also both the fastest and the cheapest courier company in the UK.

What sets us apart is the high-quality of our unique road transport solutions across both the UK and Europe. Our tagline is ‘Delivering It Better’ and we truly believe that we do just that. We are the most careful upright piano movers Charleston clients can hire.

Our Award-Winning Courier Services

Prestige Movers offers a wealth of award-winning services but one thing always rings true, we always deliver your items to the exact location – and would never dump goods on the curbside. 

The process is simple, simply select your preferred delivery time, either pre-9am, at 10 am, or at Midday and we’ll handle the rest, delivering to any UK or EU location thanks to our daily European transport service.

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Whether it’s an envelope or a large number of goods, we collect every delivery from your door, and if it’s heading to the UK, it gets delivered by the next day – guaranteed. 

We’ve delivered to more than 125 different countries, leaving us with nearly 500 satisfied clients.

Prestige Courier Service

How are we the fastest and cheapest courier service you ask? Simple – we operate around the clock, 24/7 to ensure that your deliveries are made on time. Our dedicated team of couriers works tirelessly to ensure everything you entrust us with is delivered in a timely manner. 

Our highly-trained staff take great pride in what they do and love nothing more than getting a parcel delivered there on-time. We have spent decades perfecting how we get goods from A to B and have a wealth of experience in the logistics sector. 


We offer two main courier services:

  • Same Day Courier Service –

If you’re based in London, then we can offer a SAME day delivery service for whatever your needs are. It’s simple, our expert transport planners ensure we can get your parcel delivered in time. Just select Express Delivery when ordering with us. While some companies claim Express Delivery to be Next Day or in 2-3 working days, we go above and beyond that. It’s no wonder we’re the fastest in the UK!

  • Next-Day Courier Service

Our next-day courier service comes in at an even more affordable price that we described as pocket-friendly. We have a wealth of online booking options for this service to tailor to your every need. Our dedicated team will ensure there is no hassle or distress for our customers by making sure every order is delivered on time and ahead of schedule by the very next working day. It’s so cheap! 

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