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What to Do If Your AC Is Leaking

AC problems are a stressful time for anyone. You don’t want to call an AC technician and get told that you need to replace your unit. That’s why many people put off getting AC repairs, even for something as simple as an AC leak.

The good news is that you can do a few things yourself if your AC is leaking. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your leaky AC.

Pour Cleaning Solutions Into Your Condensation Line

One of the most common causes of a leaking AC unit is a clogged condensation line. As your AC works in high humidity, it will start leaking water into the drain pan. When the water gets to the drain pan, it gets drained into the condensation line and your yard.

However, algae and debris can accumulate in your drain line over time. When this happens, it will cause your drain line to back up and leak. Use bleach, vinegar, and other cleaning methods to flush the line to see if they remove the clog.

Vacuum the Drain Line

Unfortunately, flushing your drain line isn’t always enough to clear the clog. If it gets bad enough, you’ll need to vacuum your line to remove the obstructions.

You can easily do this with a ShopVac. Track down the drain line outside your home and attach the hose of your ShopVac to the pipe. Tape the hose around the pipe to create a seal.

Once you do this, turn on the ShopVac for around a minute. Doing this should remove any debris in your condensation drain.

Change Your Air Filter

Many people forget that their HVAC unit has an air filter. Its job is to stop the dirt and debris from flowing through your vents. Over time, it’s going to get dirty and clogged.

A clogged air filter will make it harder for air to flow into your unit and make it work harder. When this happens, you’ll notice warmer air and a higher AC bill. If it gets too bad, it will cause your evaporator coils to freeze over.

As your evaporator coils unfreeze, the water will spill into your drain pan. Most of the time, it will fill up your drain pan too fast and cause your AC to leak. Switching your AC filter will solve this problem.

Replace Your Drain Pan

A working drain pan is essential to have an AC unit that doesn’t leak. It’s what funnels condensation to your drain line and out of your home. Unfortunately, they can crack and cause problems.

Turn off your air conditioner and open your indoor unit. You’ll be able to see if your drain pan is cracked and needs to be replaced. Once you replace your pan, your leak should stop.

You Can Fix Things Yourself If Your AC Is Leaking

While there are some AC problems that you should call an HVAC company for, a leaking AC isn’t one of them. Make sure to do the steps above if your AC is leaking. You can always call a professional if none of the steps above fix the problem.

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