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Why did you need a Condor side plate pouch and a fast plate carrier in your military ensemble?

The military ensemble cannot be complete without the proper protective gear. Shooting in real life will not be like shooting in the range where you face the target head-on every time. Backplate and side plates are very important to protect your back and side during an active war. When you ride around in vehicles, your sides are exposed to IEDs and the shots that may attack the sides of your car. The presence of the Condor side plate pouch protects you by preventing a direct hit from the IED or blasts. These side plate pouches also have meshed padding to increase the comfort level and elevate ventilation. The purpose of these side plates is to protect the sensitive areas of your body. The Condor side plate pouch is made of imported materials. It includes internal straps that help adjust the side plate pouch to the size of the wearer. The side plates come in a few different sizes.

The side plate also features a looped flap with a snap button option of closure. The condo side plate pouch comes with 26 inches MOD straps. All the straps on the side plate pouch are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Condor side plate pouches are primarily available in three colors: black, coyote brown, and olive drab. The bag has a slim fit structure which maximizes the wearability and comfort of the user. The modular straps present outside the pouch allow for quick access to the attached items. The modular belt is primarily made of MOLLE webbing to increase the strength of the side plate pouches.

Fast plate carriers are bullet-proof and body armor vests that have PALS webbing on the front and back. These accept MOLLE accessories, thus allowing you to equip your fast plate carrier with holsters, condor molle pouches, and any other essential equipment you might need on duty. The short plate carrier is primarily made of nylon material, and the vest is resistant to chemicals and water. It is made to be used in rough conditions and challenging environments. The quick connect buckles and adjustable straps help the user easily and quickly wear the fast plate carrier.

The fast plate carriers have reinforced and double-cross stitches done in critical regions to make the item more resistant to wear and tear. The rear and front panels also have a loop and hook fastener on both sides to allow communication cable routing. The shoulder straps have adjustable lengths along with large heavy-duty buckles with hooks as well as loop fasteners.

You cannot go wrong with the Condor side kick pouch and the fast plate carrier. Always have these as part of your tactical gear to ensure that you are completely protected when out in the field.

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