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Why is My Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Router?

Is your Netgear extender not connecting to router? Did you just nod in yes? Well, you have landed on the right post. Here, you will learn several troubleshooting tactics using which you can easily fix the issue. Let’s get into nitty-gritty details.

Resolved: Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Router

1. Basic Check Points

Prior to delving into the advanced troubleshooting tips, be sure to check the following basic things:

  • Your Netgear WiFi range extender should get an adequate power supply.
  • The extender must be connected to a non-damaged wall outlet.
  • Verify if all the LED lights on your Netgear range extender are stable or green.
  • Make sure that the power connector and the electrical outlet are not damaged.
  • The extender and router should be placed within the range of each other.
  • You are connected to the Netgear_ext SSID.

In the event that the aforesaid things are on their place but still the Netgear extender won’t connect to the WiFi router, scroll down and walk through the advanced troubleshooting tactics mentioned below.

2. Check All Cable Connections

Loose or improper cable connections can prevent your Netgear extender from connecting to the WiFi router. Also, on the off chance if you are using a damaged Ethernet cable, then also you might get this issue. To troubleshoot it, consider the following things:

  • Connect your Netgear wireless range extender and the home router using an Ethernet cable.
  • The cable you use should not be damaged or worn out.
  • Furthermore, the cable should also be free from dust.
  • The cable connection between your WiFi devices should be accurate and finger-tight.

If there are proper cable connections but still you are not able to connect your Netgear range extender to the existing router, move to the next troubleshooting tip highlighted below.

3. Reposition Your Netgear Extender 

Are you sure that you have placed your Netgear wireless range extender at its ideal location after setting it up via web admin panel? No? It’s high time that you are. Placement is the key when it comes to proper working of your Netgear range extender.

In order to take care of this problem, have a look at some points given below and place your extender accordingly:

  • Choose the center-most area in your home to keep the extender.
  • Maintain a certain distance between your Netgear wireless extender and electronic gadgets like baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.
  • Do not place your Netgear WiFi extender near thick concrete walls, in corners, near windows, behind a cupboard, and inside a cabinet.
  • Keep fish tanks, mirrors, and glasses at a fair distance away from your Netgear wireless extender.
  • Metal doors and aluminum studs should also be placed away from your extender.

All these things block WiFi signals coming from your Netgear WiFi range extender. So, it is best to position your extender away from such devices.

4. Reboot Your Netgear Extender

Rebooting is another way to fix the Netgear extender not connecting to WiFi router issue. Here’s how to power cycle or reboot your Netgear WiFi range extender:

  • Disconnect the power cord of your Netgear extender from the wall socket.
  • Leave the extender as it is.
  • Now, reconnect the power cord of the extender to the electrical outlet.
  • Turn on your Netgear range extender and wait until its Power LED becomes solid green.

As soon as you reboot your extender, try connecting it to the router and accessing mywifiext local web page to check if the issue has been resolved now.

5. Configure Your Extender Properly

Make sure that you have properly configured your Netgear WiFi range extender. Its settings should match that of your home WiFi router. To configure your Netgear extender, do the following:

  • Put your Netgear wireless extender on power.
  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Type or the default web address in the URL bar.
  • Hitting the Enter key will take you to the Netgear extender login window.
  • Insert the admin user ID and passphrase into the mentioned boxes.
  • Click on the Log In button.
  • Once logged in, the Netgear extender dashboard appears.
  • From here, you can change the extender’s settings so that they can match with your router’s settings.

Done! By following the aforementioned tips, you can fix the Netgear extender not connecting to WiFi router issue on your own.

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