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YouTube SEO: 10 Important Youtube Video Ranking Tips

Search Engine Optimization has become extremely popular these days. Almost every marketer is familiar with the concept of Search Engine Optimization. Nowadays, this concept is being used for YouTube videos as well. YouTube SEO helps you to maximize your video content by optimizing your videos for SEO. You will be able to get more likes and subscribers on your YouTube channel. You will also be able to grow the popularity of your track to a massive extent. So, let us have a look at some of the most important SEO tips for your YouTube videos.

1 Look for video keywords: Choosing the right keywords for your YouTube videos is everything. This is one of the most important things you should consider while trying to rank your videos. You can take the help of keyword research tools in finding the right keywords for your videos. The keywords should also be centered around the content you post for a good YouTube video ranking.

2 Make sure that you place your keywords at the right places: 

Simply searching for the right keywords is not enough. You must also include the keywords at appropriate locations of your YouTube channels. These keywords must be present in the video file name, video title, video descriptions, and tags in your track. However, do not stuff your content with too many keywords.

You can search all the important keywords for your YouTube video from

3 Try to optimize your tags: Optimizing your titles will help you to rank your video. You should know how exactly you are going to rank the tags that you are using. Your tags should also be centered around your content. They should not be something generic.

4 Include closed captions: 

Closed captions are also quite important from an SEO point of view. This is a very good way of drawing people towards your website. Closed captions will make sure that all the viewers will be able to use your videos. These closed captions also let you seamlessly view all your videos.

5 Include a video to your channel’s playlist: It is also quite important for you to categorize all your videos so that your viewers can find them easily. This will also help you to allow your viewers to include your videos in their playlists as well. The YouTube algorithm gives a very important emphasis on the videos that are categorized on the playlist. This is going to provide you with massive popularity as well.

6 Ask your users to like, comment, and subscribe to your videos: By asking your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your videos, you will be able to increase your engagement rate on your YouTube channel. This will help you to get a lot of subscribers to your channel. As a result, your number of viewers will increase, and you will also be able to gain a lot of popularity on YouTube SEO.

7 Include aesthetic thumbnails: Thumbnails are a very good way of creating a good impact in the mind of the viewers. By including interactive thumbnails, you will be able to give a completely new look to your YouTube channel. This will encourage your viewers to spend more time on your track.

8 Share your videos on your social media profile: Sharing your videos will give you very good visibility. Do not forget to share all your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. You can also consider sharing your videos through email marketing. This is again going to make videos popular.

9 Increase your watch time: You should try to increase the watch time of your viewers. This is a very important metric for your videos. This will allow your viewers to stay on your channel for a longer duration of time. This will also help you to get more YouTube Views.

10 Include pop-up cards: Pop-up cards are very interactive elements that allow you to create good content on YouTube. By including pop-up cards, you will easily be able to make your website popular. You will also be able to give your channel really good visibility.

And these are some of the most popular YouTube video ranking tips. For more such tips and tricks, keep visiting us.

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