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6 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Keep Your Ears Healthy

Have you ever had an ear infection? If yes you must know how important it is to keep your ears healthy. If not, let me tell you that ear infections can cause debilitating pain. Moreover, as your ear is a part of the ENT (ear, nose, and throat) system even slight pain in your ears can cause trouble in your throat and nose too. The worst part of an ear infection, pain, or even itching is that you can reach it and usually can not even pinpoint the exact area of pain or discomfort.

To save yourself from all the pain and discomfort your ears can cause, it is best to take care of your ears and keep them healthy. Also, even slight damage or problem in your ears can lead to lifelong hearing impairment or complete deafness. Although the best way to take care of these sensitive organs is to consult an ear specialist, some simple tips can help you maintain healthy ears.

 Ways To Keep Your Ears Healthy

Following are some simple tips, you can follow to gift your ears the health and love they deserve

1. Lower The Volume

No matter how addicted you are to music, it’s high time that you stop listening to your favorite song on full volume. Hearing loss is increasing among young people and some studies suggest that this is due to the increasing trend of always listening to music.

ENT specialists recommend that you use earphones only for an hour each day, that too on a volume of just 60 percent. If you want to use them for longer periods, keep your column at no more than 30 percent. It s better to use headphones instead of earbuds for your overall ear health.

Using head[hones at a volume above 105dB for even 15 minutes can cause hearing damage.

2. Clean All The Equipment

Anything that you intend to put in your ear should be cleaned. From your finger to your ear pods anything in that goes in your ear has to be clean, or it can lead to a severe ear infection. Although your ears have a self-cleaning mechanism, at times an allergen can enter your ear and cause infection without giving it much to cleanse itself.

3. Use Ear Protection

We all use a mask to protect our mouths and nose from anything bad in the year. Much like dust is to your nose, noise is to your ears. It’s high time that you start wearing ear protection when you go to noisy places. Noise at times doesn’t seem disturbing but overexposure can lead to hearing damage and loss.

If you have decided to use earplugs the next time you will be in a noisy environment it is best to choose the right earplugs. Foam plugs are usually not enough to block out harmful noise. It is best to use over-the-ear muffs or you can consult an audiologist to get customized noise blockers.

4. Do Not Remove Wax Yourself

We are used to seeing cotton buds in our vanity drawers.SO much so we buy them in our monthly grocery as an absolute necessity. After that people like me use them every day or even twice a day to maintain the hygiene we dearly want. But are they even important? Or are they even safe?

The simple and straightforward answer is NO. earwax helps in protecting the ear from pollutants. By removing this earwax daily you are actually making your ear more prone to infection. In fact, cotton buds do not even remove earwax they just push it to the side or even deeper into the ear. Aggressive use of cue tips can even damage your ear canal. It is best to let a professional remove the wax from your ear whenever needed.

5. Give Them A Rest

If you think that you use your ears only while listening to a particular sound, you are wrong. You can not just shut your ears like your eyes or mouth, making it difficult to give them a rest in this noisy world. Research suggests that it can up to 16 days for your ears to recover from a day spent in a noisy area. Although you can not just shut your ears you can give them a break they truly deserve by distancing yourself from the noise for a while. It is best to take a 10-minute break after every hour of work. This will give your ears time to recover more quickly and efficiently.

If you don’t have a quiet place to show some love to your ears, start wearing noise-canceling headphones.

6. Visit An Ear Specialist

This is the most important tip you need to follow. You will never know what is going inside your ear unless you go for a proper checkup. Having your ears checked properly will let you keep a track of their health, diagnose a potential issue and start early and efficient treatment for recovery. So, it is time for you to consult the best ENT specialist in Karachi through

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