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Are Supplements the Right Choice?

We often ask this to ourselves, people around us, and of course, google it. ‘Are supplements the right choice?’. Many of us often see brand endorsements and make a purchase and don’t understand what we need. For people like these, supplements are not the right choice.

But if you understand what you need, it will be a boon for good health.

This piece will talk about the three most commonly used supplements: Omega3, probiotics, and collagen. From what are the benefits to why do you need it, the article covers all the aspects. Let’s get started!

What are Nutritional Supplements?

The intention behind nutritional supplements is to deliver nutrients that are not consumed in a substantial amount. Generally, food supplements can be minerals, amino acids, vitamins offered in powder, tablets or pills, etc. They are widely available in different doses and combinations, but only a significant amount is beneficial for our health; an excessive amount can offer little to no benefits.

Some substances can be harmful if taken in high doses. So, nutritional supplements are sold under medical prescription with an appropriate daily recommended dosage. Around 77% of Americans consume dietary supplements, and 42% of athletes admit consuming nutritional supplements for increasing stamina.

Such high usage indicates that nutritional supplements are beneficial if used correctly. However, they are no substitute for a balanced diet. A diet that includes green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, dairy products, animal and plant protein should normally offer all the nutrients needed for good health. Due to the modern work culture and lifestyle, it is hard to maintain a proper diet. But with health supplements, the requirement gets fulfilled and doesn’t hamper your body functioning.

Here are three commonly used supplements with added benefits and everything you have to know.

1.   Probiotic supplements

Probiotics are healthy living bacterias or microorganisms that are ingested into the body. These bacterias offer specific health benefits. Probiotics usually include bacteria, but certain yeasts can also act as probiotics. The most common type of probiotic bacteria is Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. Other popular kinds are Streptococcus, Escherichia, Saccharomyces, Bacillus, and Enterococcus.

Different probiotics help cure different ailments, therefore, selecting the right one according to your body’s needs is the key here. Probiotic supplements, often referred to as multi probiotics or broad-spectrum probiotics, are a mix of different species.

Here are some briefly explained benefits of probiotics for your body.

  • Microorganism for your gut health- Your gut is home to around 500 bacteria called the gut microbiome or gut flora. Probiotics or prebiotic fibers can help balance the ecosystem, ensuring good gut health
  • Effect on the digestive system- Evidence shows that probiotics have a positive effect in curing antibiotic-inflicted diarrhea. Probiotics also help fight IBS and control symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, constipation, and other prominent symptoms.
  • Link to weight loss- Research proves that people suffering from obesity and other gastronimical disorders might have a weaker gut bacteria than skinny people. Evidence also suggests that Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium have a positive affect in aiding weight loss.
  • Skin health- Some evidence suggests probiotic supplements can be useful for treating skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne.

2.   Collagen supplements

In recent years, collagen supplements have gained immense popularity. Collagen is a protein type that is a major component in building connective tissues that make up several body organs. Collagen has various important functions, like replenishing your skin and strengthening your bones. Collagen supplements are usually derived from the skin of fish and the bones of certain animals. This supplement is very popular among fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders.

The outbreak of coronavirus has substantially increased the consumption of collagen due to its several health benefits.

  • Improves skin health- Collagen supplements play a vital role in skin-strengthening and might benefit hydration and elasticity. With age, the natural production slows, and taking supplements can help keep skin radiant and young.
  • Prevents bone loss- Collagen offers structure to bones and helps in keeping them strong. With age, as the amount decreases, bone mass deteriorates, too, leading to osteoporosis. Keeping
  • Relieves joint pain- Collagen helps in maintaining the health of your cartilage. Many researchers have suggested collagen might improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and help in reducing joint pain.
  • Boosts muscle mass- 1-10% of muscle tissue comprises collagen. This protein is vital for maintaining and functioning muscle mass. Researchers have suggested that consuming collagen supplements might stimulate muscle development after exercise and boost muscle protein synthesis.

3.   Omega 3 supplements

Omega 3 is a very important nutrient to maintain a healthy body. Eating food like fish is the best way to get enough omega 3 fatty acid. However, you have to choose the right one among hundreds of different omega 3 supplements available online. If you are vegan or don’t indulge in fish cuisines, you can consider taking a supplement to reduce the deficiency. Few supplements have been studied as thoroughly as omega 3. Here are some amazing health benefits of omega 3.

  • Can improve eye health- DHA, a common kind of omega 3 is an important structural element of the retina. Lack of DHA can cause vision problems. It is also linked to a decreased risk of macular degeneration.
  • Fights anxiety and depression- Depression is the most common mental disorder that includes symptoms like loss of interest, lethargy and an unbalanced sleeping cycle. Research suggests that people who consume omega 3 supplements are less likely to get depressed.
  • Improves the risk factors to related heart disease- A heart attack is one of the leading causes of death; researchers discovered that fish-consuming communities are less likely linked to heart diseases. Omega 3 raises HDL cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure level in patients with high BP.


Now, you might have an understanding of certain supplements and their benefits. Before consuming any supplement, make sure to undergo a complete body checkup, including pathology tests, to know what nutrients you need. Refrain from overdosing as it can cause severe health issues. Follow a supplement that benefits your overall health.

Remember, the right choice of supplements go a long way in leading a healthy life!

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