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Ways To Improve Your Shower Experience

I must admit, there’s nothing more relaxing to me than taking a good shower. However many times I try to curb my habit to reduce water waste, I inevitably find myself returning to it. So these are my ways to improve your shower experience and feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

High Pressure Showers

If you have ever suffered from sore muscles (who hasn’t?) then you’ve probably been told hot water is an excellent remedy for that. Adding high pressure makes it feel more like a massage. Search online for the best water pressure booster pump and you can increase the water pressure to your liking. The device is also used to conserve water because it can boost water pressure without using extra water.

Aromatherapy Is Not Just For Baths

I have never been able to sit around in a tub full of bubbly water. However, I love the soothing scents that are used in aromatherapy. There’s no reason that experience can’t be transferred to taking showers. You can light up an aromatherapy candle in your shower before you get it so that the bathroom smells amazing, and blow it out when you’re finished.

Music Makes Everything Better

You can either invest in waterproof speakers that you can place in the shower with you, or place your smartphone in a cup on the sink. Set a playlist that you’ve curated according to your mood, and hop in the shower.

Heaters During The Winter

There’s  nothing more shocking than stepping out of a hot shower and into a chilly bathroom. So make sure that your bathroom radiator is on during the winter. No radiator? Get a space heater, but make sure it is safe to use and isn’t in contact with any water..

Take Your Time Exfoliating

A loofah really is the best tool for exfoliating your entire body. Some people even buy shower bands with a loofah on it, for those hard-to-reach areas. Use a light body scrub to feel extra special and moisturize your skin as you exfoliate it. Remember to work in sections, and move in a circular motion to keep the blood flowing and exfoliate thoroughly.

Pamper Your Feet

Many people ignore their feet when showering, but once you try giving them a light massage or use a foot-scrubber brush – you’ll never go back. This will leave you feeling more relaxed because your feet are carrying you around all day and are undoubtedly very tired. If you feel like it, get yourself a foot file and work the balls of your feet until they are smooth as a baby’s skin.

Use A Towel Warmer

The shower experience doesn’t end once you’ve turned off the tap. Get yourself a towel warmer so that you can wrap yourself with a warm, plush towel right after. It will give you the feeling of luxury like nothing else.

With a few tweaks, you can create the ultimate shower experience, no matter how small or average your shower actually is. Use all these tips or pick those which suit you best, and your showers will improve significantly.

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