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Fastest Upcoming Electric Supercars

Nowadays we live in an age that 1000 horsepower is not even enough for sports cars. The upcoming future cars will be faster, more reliable, and crazier. All types of comfortable vehicles are present in Luxury Car Rental Dubai.


The newcomer supercar’s name is DRAKO GTE. The GTE claims to make 1200 horsepower and an impressive 8800-newton meter of combined torque all from four electric motors on each wheel. This allows the car to hit a top speed of 331 kilometers per hour (km/hr) and allows for all-wheel-talk victory capability.

This means that the car motor can give different amounts of power to each wheel at a certain given time to maximize the grip and cornering ability. What is nice about the car is that you can enjoy its performance while having some friends along as it is marketed as a four-seater.

The car will be fitted with a 90-kilowatt hour of battery capacity that can be charged at a rate of 150 kilowatts from a DC charger.


NIO EP9 is said to be one of the fastest electric supercars in the near future. Its four motors can provide 1360 horsepower and 6334-newton meters of torque with torque vectoring capabilities. Although NION has not provided any zero to 100 km timings, they claim a zero to 200 kph acceleration figure of 7.1 seconds and 313 km/hr as the car top speed.

With all of these massive stats, the car can make a nifty 2.53 G-force when cornering. Once again there is not much information regarding the battery capacity but they claim a 45-minute battery charge time.


Another startup is the DENDROBIUM D-1 which has a targeted zero to 100 km/hr acceleration of 2.7 seconds and 321 km of max speed with 1750 kilograms of total weight.


Next on the list is finally a brand that has some relative reputation heritage as Avaya is said to be the fourth E to be added to the lotus family. Shifting up a gear in terms of horsepower ironically. Four Electric motors on each wheel.

The car can accelerate up to 320 km/hr. the Avaya would be able to drive for 346 kilometers of range while keeping the weight at a quite impressive 1680 kilograms. Especially for the electric car, it is worth pointing out that those numbers are based on some prototype simulations and the car is undergoing proper testing at the moment.

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This car is even more sophisticated. This car also has 350 kilometers worth of top speed and can do 0 to 100-kilometer acceleration in less than two seconds. It is fitted with a 120-kilowatt hour battery that is good for 500 kilometers of range.


Speaking of REMAC third on the podium is a Croatian startup company that is making some major headlines lately with their brand new supercar the NEVERA. The great evidence of this is that Porsche is deliberately thinking about buying some Fremax stocks in the market.

The car has 1914 horsepower, 2360 newton meters of torque. Despite that Rimac has reserved the biggest piece of the cake for themselves of course as the car can accelerate to 100 in only 1.97 seconds and to 300 and yet only 9.3 seconds.

The best start about this car is that it has been crowned as the fastest production car to accelerate to the quarter-mile clock at 8.6 seconds which is an unheard of number in traditional combustion engine cars.

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