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What Will Be The Future OF Dubai City?

In a country where there is only sand and have no drinking water, it was unthinkable that the country would develop so much. Yes, we are talking about the UAE city of Dubai, where there was only sand 30 years ago where people did not even like to come there is. From ski Dubai to Burj Al Arab and from the dancing fountain to the underwater aquarium. There are numerous projects in Dubai that you have never seen before.

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Some Future Mega Projects Of Dubai

Some future projects of Dubai will get a few years later but due to these projects, Dubai’s reputation will increase even more. Let’s know about Dubai’s future projects, which will boost the fame of Dubai to the next level.

Dubai Creek Tower

The world’s highest building record is still the Dubai’s due to which Dubai got a lot of tourists. Burj Khalifa does not just attract people around the world because of its height. Burj Khalifa has a few more world records.

  • World’s highest observation deck
  • World highest restaurant
  • World fastest-moving lifts

It is being said that different country are active to break the record of this grand building. To deal with this problem, Dubai plans to build a higher building called Dubai Creek tower than Burj khalifa.

Dynamic Tower

This is an amazing mega future project of Dubai. After the completion of this tower, Dubai’s economy will boost even more. This tower will be much less than Burj Khalifa but this includes other crazy features.

There is also one thing in this tower that does not exist in any tower of the world. This tower has a total of 80 floors but this is not a simple type of floor this floor will rotate, that’s why it is called the dynamic tower. People living on the floor will also be able to control their floor rotation speed and this will be the craziest thing that you have ever seen before.

Museum Of The Future

The future Museum of Dubai will be a unique example of next-generation technology. This museum will not have old things but new things will be introduced in this museum. The robot will welcome the people who come inside the museum.

This museum will also include.

  • Robotic cars
  • Robotic motorcycle
  • Robotic drones etc

Hyperloop Dubai

This technology is related to Dubai’s transport. Hyperloop will be the fastest transport system inside Dubai. The speed of this hyperloop will be up to 1000km/hr. With speed, safety is also a priority of this project.

Well, Dubai is still far ahead of transport. The world’s most expensive vehicles will get you in Dubai. Along with this, if you are a tourist and do not contain your car you can easily hire any type of car in this city via Car Rental Dubai.

Aladin City Dubai

Aladin city is also a plan for the future mega project. This city will include hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, flats and also 900 cars parking spaces. The infrastructure of this city will amaze anyone.

Jumeirah Bay Island

Dubai is also famous because of its man-made islands a great example of which is Palm Jumeirah. After its success, now the government has the plan to make another man-made island with the name of Jumeirah Bay Island. The shape of this island will be like a sea horse.

This is the secrete of Dubai’s success, which is spend all its wealth on its country. If you also want to visit this beautiful city Car Rental Dubai is the option for you.

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