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Fine Tune, Your Instagram Marketing Strategies, to Get More Likes and Sales

Instagram now comes with endless opportunities for marketers and sellers to leverage various features of this platform to meet their brand promotion and sales goals. However, many newbie’s are always confused about the best approaches for beginners to set their base on Instagram and start benefitting from it. This article will discuss some fundamental tips for Instagram newbie’s to get established on this platform.

Instagram marketing tips

#1. Create engaging stories

We can see that the popularity of Instagram stories has grown multifold over the last couple of years. Both brands and followers are largely accessing Instagram stories for their benefit. Instagram Stories are being viewed by about 500 million users each day, and they can be effective in both ways as:

  • You can use Stories to engage your existing customers by promoting your brand content.
  • You may also use general hashtags to stories to make them discovered by more new followers and get more likes.

You can also upload the videos; repurpose your content, reels, and stickers on Stories to help it reach the followers effectively. Another major reason why Instagram stories may help to increase the number of followers is that it will show that your profile remains active and interesting. No one may want to follow an account that doesn’t frequently post on Stories. As the stories disappear in 24, it is easily consumable to all types of Instagram daily users. It will allow you to make new posts each day on your profile.

#2. Use Instagram Highlights

As with Instagram stories, you may like to leverage another big thing on this platform is Instagram Highlights. The major downside of stories, which makes it unfavorable for some marketers, is that these disappear after 24 hours. Unless you post them again or add to the Instagram highlight, this remains the case. On the other hand, Instagram highlights will let you have your selected stories being showcased on your profile so as your current followers can effectively engage with them over and again as long as they wish. The major social attributes of Instagram Highlights are:

  1. Highlights covers: This option will help add some custom images or icons that will represent your story’s specific topic as you save it inside.
  2. Highlights name: This is an option to name your Highlight the same as you name your folders.
  3. Highlights can be posted in any format as Q&A sessions, features, product updates, or FAQ’s which you would like to share with the new customers.
  4. Highlights covers: It can also be as important as highlighted stories. Ensure that you create an enticing cover using any designing tools like Canva or other Instagram story apps.

#3. Use Instagram Analytics to learn

You may also use Instagram analytics to learn better about how it attracts many users to your business account. These analytics may be based on data from your Instagram account. There is two major analytics you need to focus on, which will guide you through the type of content that will help boost your followers and help you grow your page through time, and get more free Instagram likes. Let’s explore some of these top analytics.

  • Audience analytics:

  • Top locations: Information to see the top five locations or countries where most of your followers are located.
  • Age: The age range of your ideal followers.
  • Gender: Distribution of your followers in terms of men and women followers.
  • Time of following: An insightful statistic to show the average time of day your follower spends on Instagram.
  • Follower days: As the time, this analytic shows the ideal days of the weeks when your followers tend to be active.
  • Post analytics:

  • Interactions data: The actions which your users on your posts take. These are like visiting the profile, clicking a hyperlink, or accessing the call button on your post, etc.
  • Discovery: To show the number of accounts reached through the discovery and who are not following you currently.
  • Follows The number of new followers you gained through a post.
  • Reach The unique accounts to which your post has reached.
  • Impressions: Total number of times your posts have been viewed. Instagram also helps break it down further under various categories to see where the post is viewed on the platform as from home, from the profile, from the hashtags, bio, or any other places.
  • Saves: Number accounts that saved your post to their personal folder.
  • Comments: Total number of category-wise comments to your posts.

Instagram Reels

Reels are other types of short videos you post on Instagram, accompanied by music and maybe 15 to 30 seconds long. This is an attempt of Instagram to replicate the most popular video app of TikTok. These micro-videos are rising largely in popularity as these videos are meant for one and also short and simple to pass on a message to the followers.

Pitch your brand on your bio

A good Instagram bio can do a lot more than your Instagram ads and posts. You can get more followers through this, and you may also share your brand message more effectively through your bio. Using the bio links, you can also land your Instagram viewers onto your business pages as you wish. However, you need to be very careful on making your Instagram bio, which is the message to introduce yourself to potential followers. You may consider your Instagram bio as your homepage and build it with an elevator pitch. Try to be as specific as possible by using the least number of words. 

The best place to start is by adding more keywords to your bio so that new followers will easily find your products and brand. You may use SEO keywords that will help you to appear higher in search results on Google and other search engines. You can use a couple of branded hashtags on your bio to establish a more effective connection with your target audience. However, do not overdo with hashtags.

While adopting the above strategies, you should not ignore the importance of showing your Instagram on the business website, adding Instagram QR codes everywhere to bring in more followers, and pin your top comments, etc.

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