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Food Delivery & Gift Card Stickers from Instagram

Thanks to Instagram, you get the chance to support all the smaller businesses that you love. Right now, the firm has announced businesses, which can share gift cards, fundraiser stickers in stories, food orders, and more on their profiles. When any user gets to see gift cards or even some food orders, they are likely to tap to make purchases through their partner’s site. If you are intrigued by how this service works, this article will talk about all the points you need to know about the new gift card stickers and food delivery stickers from Instagram.

Best way to support smaller businesses during COVID 19:

Everyone is going through a mess during this lockdown period. However, if you think about it, the smaller businesses are the most vulnerable right now. Right from the forced closures to the company-wide layoffs, smaller and medium-sized businesses globally are now facing some of the major challenges during this present COVID 19 crisis. 

  • So, if you are willing to help out smaller businesses for their growth, this might be the perfect time to do so. To make this task a lot easier for you, Instagram is doing its level best.
  • As per some of the announcements made earlier, Instagram is now rolling out some of the new stories stickers and even some profile buttons designed to buy gift cards, donate to fundraisers, and even ordering food.
  • Food orders for delivery and gift cards, and even the take-outs, are available in Canada and the USA and, within coming weeks, will roll out globally. As per Instagram, the fundraiser stickers are down the line and will come out soon!

So, you have to learn how you get to handle the food delivery and gift card stickers to help out smaller businesses more than ever during this crucial time. Just like learning everything before you buy IG likes, you need to know everything about these new stickers before starting to use them.

Ways to use these new gift card stickers and food delivery stickers from Instagram:

To share the food order, fundraiser stickers, or a gift card on Instagram Stories, you just have to create a standard story using the normal steps that you usually take. Then you have to open up the sticker’s tray and then add one to the given story.

After you are done creating the story, you need to select the food delivery partner or the gift card of your choice. Once done, you are all set to publish the story as your last step. When the story goes live, which will hardly take few seconds; anyone who gets to view it will be able to tap on the tab or sticker to make their own purchases.

Moreover, if you want, Instagram provides you with further opportunities to add these features as buttons on the Instagram profile. For that, you need to head to your profile, tap the Edit Profile button and then aim for the Action Buttons. You have the liberty to select the type of Action Button that you might want to add to the profile.

Now with the story stickers, the next step is to set up with a partner. For the food delivery section, you have multiple options of Chow Now, Caviar, deliver.com, and so much more. On the other hand, you have gift cards, where you get to partner with Raise, Yiftee, Square, or cabbage. Whenever users get to see a gift card or even the food ordering button or sticker, they will tap on it and make purchases through the partner’s site. 

That’s all about the steps you need to focus on to get the stickers on use. In case you haven’t tried out any of these stickers yet, it is high time you do so. 

Instagram testing out ways to promote the sale of gift cards through business profiles:

It is one interesting point to note down. As per a discovery by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineering expert, Instagram is trying to work on the new “Link” option within the business profile setting. It will help the brands to add a new quick link through a sticker or profile button. The main goal is to guide the visitors to purchase some gift cards or make some donations.

  • Under the Profile Display option, you will see added “Links” option. That will be one major addition to the main link of the website. Which will further get included in the bio section above the “Public Business Information” setting.
  • Here, you will get the chance to set up links to the gift cards from the Stories stickers and to your profile to make customers help your business.
  • This might add one new button to the business profile, maybe alongside the present “message” and “follow” buttons. 
  • However, adding this sticker here will add another angle, and it seems that Instagram is looking to launch a new sticker. If that gets tapped, then it will connect through the donation process or special gift cards. It will add yet another promotional element to this strategy. 

It is mainly a new step taken by Instagram to save out small businesses during this COVID scenario. As the retailers are now closing their stores, they are looking for some online options. In order to help and maintain any form of revenue flow when possible. Even though people are not moving out of their homes, they can support the local businesses by purchasing gifts for later date use when the closures are somewhat over.

Helping the SMBs to lessen losses:

These interesting changes from Instagram will help the smaller and medium businesses to lessen their losses. There has been a wide range of businesses, which have already lost their revenue flow due to lockdown and this pandemic situation. However, this initiative from Instagram will be one way to band the community together to support these small firms. It is one way to help their business thrive in this current situation. 

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