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How COVID-19 has changed social media engagement

Social networking platforms have been one of the most acceptable channels for digital marketing. However, the recent pandemic situation has transformed the way consumers behave on social platforms.

According to Brainvire, COVID-19 has caused an effect on both business life and personal life. In the pre-pandemic days, you may have found the trend of using social media for marketing purposes. But, as millions of consumers are now quarantined, the use of social media is a rising trend.

Most importantly, there was a change in the daily routine due to the lockdown rules imposed for COVID-19. You know that social media marketers always try to choose the right time to post their social media. However, due to the changes in social media activities in the past few months, they think of adjusting the timing. The professional lives of consumers have undergone a major change. That is why social networks have turned out to be a valuable tool for communication.

You may have been successful in your social media marketing in the past years by publishing your content at a particular time. But, now, you need to shift the time to keep pace with the latest trends. Without real effort, you cannot find consistent results from your Social Media Campaign.

It is the right time to twist your SMM to get the best result. You can bring your digital marketing services in USA to the future and have higher revenues.

Now, check out how the pandemic has caused marketers to adjust the marketing campaign.

Know the perfect timing for Facebook marketing

On the pre-pandemic days, Wednesday was the best time to post on Facebook and get lots of responses. Marketers used to choose the time from 11 AM to 2 PM. However, now, market analysts have found that Friday, Monday, and Wednesday are the most profitable days for Facebook marketers. You can post any content from 10 AM to 11 AM.

Do not post anything on Facebook on weekdays (after 5.00 PM) and weekends.

Time to post content on LinkedIn

As it is a professional networking platform, B2B businesses mostly like it. Interestingly, you cannot find a noticeable change in activities among LinkedIn users. In the past, the best LinkedIn content publication time was-

  • Wednesday- Noon and 8-10 AM in the morning
  • Friday- 9 AM
  • Thursday- 1–2 PM

At present, marketers have made a slight shift to the timing.

  • Wednesday- 3 AM
  • Friday- 11 AM to noon
  • Thursday- 9-10 AM.

Twitter marketing- Know the right posting time

Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter has maintained consistency in its usage pattern. There is no major post-COVID effect on this platform. Users like to use the platform to check the latest news and spread some valuable public information.

Friday and Wednesday (9 AM) were the best days to post Twitter content in the past. However, now, there is a higher level of Twitter activities on Friday between 7 AM and 9 AM.

Best timing for Instagram posts

Instagram marketers have found Friday and Wednesdays were best for posting content. Late evenings and early mornings were highly preferable.

Presently, traffic concentration is high in the working hours of weekdays. When you have chosen weekends, you can post anything before 5 PM.

Entertaining and creative content creates a higher engagement level

You have now understood how the pandemic has forced marketers to change the content posting time for higher engagement. However, they have to rethink the type of social media content to be posted for consumers.

Marketers have found that entertaining and creative posts have a high value for social media users. Your potential customers on social platforms like to deal with visuals. Gen Z users have claimed that they look for fun in social media content.

The popular social platform, TikTok, focuses on short videos with creative content. Thus, you may also try to create highly engaging videos. Do not bore the viewer with long content. Choose videos that educate and entertain viewers.

The user-generated content has gained more importance

Both non-profit organizations and companies have started reducing their advertising budget. They try to be more thoughtful while investing in marketing.

 During the post-pandemic period, their focus is more on creating user-generated content. By sharing UGC on social media and other platforms, they can create more engagement.

One of the best tricks of increasing UGC is by hosting social media contests. Your attractive giveaways will convince others to leave messages.

User-generated content is organic content and has high authenticity. You can continue having a stronger presence on social media platforms.

It is not easy to adjust social media campaigns for the effects of pandemics. That is why you can hire professional marketers to retain the engagement rate. They will use the most innovative tools to make your campaign successful. You will find the desired result from your social media campaign.

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