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Where Can I Get the ICAI CA Foundation Study Material for 2021 Exams?

Are you starting preparation for the May 2021 CA Foundation exams? Before starting the preparation, download the latest edition of ICAI Study Material relevant for the upcoming attempt.

The study material is not limited to the ICAI study modules. It also includes books and practice papers. You can download the complete CA Foundation Study Material in Hindi/English from VSI Jaipur.

VSI is one of the top-ranking CA Coaching Institute in Jaipur. Besides the study material, you can also get the best guidance for CA Foundation exam preparation. 

CA Foundation Study Material Applicable for May 2021 Exams

The CA Foundation Study Material relevant for the May 2021 exams has been updated by ICAI. Several revisions have been done in the study material. So you should only use the latest edited version. The CA Foundation Course Study Material comprises the chapter-wise study modules, MTPs, RTPs, and books.

Download CA Foundation Study Material PDF from VSI

VSI Jaipur shares the complete study resources for the CA Foundation course. You can find all the latest chapter-wise study modules, mock test papers, and revision test papers on VSI Jaipur. The CA Foundation Study Material is available in English and Hindi medium, so you can download them accordingly.

You can download these from the link above:

  • CA Foundation Accountancy Study Material
  • CA Foundation Study Material Maths
  • CA Foundation Law Study Material PDF
  • CA Foundation Economics Study Material

CA Foundation Books

You can download the CA Foundation books from The books will help you practice more and study the concepts thoroughly. The list of most recommended books for the CA Foundation course is available with the study material on VSI.

CA Foundation Study Modules

ICAI revises the CA Foundation Study Material modules regularly as per the changes in the CA Foundation syllabus and the latest amendments in the constitutional acts. Therefore, you should use the latest ICAI study material to be well aware of the latest implications of the different acts.

The study modules are available for download on VSI Jaipur. Go to the link above.

CA Foundation Study Modules

ICAI Test Papers (MTP, RTP)

ICAI releases the mock test paper series before every CA Foundation attempt. You can download those series from the VSI website. Then there are other sets of revision test papers released by ICAI, which are also available on VSI. For additional practice, VSI also shares its mock test series. Check the study material link above for MTP and RTP.

Why should students use the CA Foundation Study Material of ICAI?

ICAI updates the study material, so learning from the correct study modules will help you better prepare the questions in exams. You can score high marks in the CA Foundation exam.

The latest RTP, MTP also are designed as per the recent CA Foundation syllabus changes. So when you practice with the latest papers, you will be prepared better.

ICAI sets the exam papers of the CA Foundation from their study material, so when you complete the ICAI CA Foundation Study Material, you will be prepared for the CA Foundation exam.

How will VSI Jaipur help you prepare for CA Foundation?

VSI Jaipur is the coaching institute that you’ll find in India for CA Foundation course. You will get complete guidance for CA Foundation preparation. They provide CA Foundation coaching classes from the best faculties. You can choose between Face-to-Face Classes, Online Classes, and Pendrive Classes.

VSI Institute shares a special CA Foundation Mock Test Paper Series for students. The answer keys are also available with the question papers for all subjects. VSI’s mock test papers are very different from the ICAI MTPs. Their papers’ difficulty level is equivalent to or higher than the ICAI question papers. So you can prepare well for the main CA Foundation exams.

The best thing about VSI Jaipur that will benefit you the most is the personal guidance provided through the phone for all students. Unlike other institutes, VSI Jaipur goes above and beyond to help students excel in the CA exams. For each student, they monitor individual performance. They guide them with an individual learning pattern and strategy.

Choose VSI Jaipur for CA Foundation Study Material and Exam Preparation

VSI Jaipur will help you with the best CA Foundation preparation. You can get all the VSI Jaipur CA Foundation Study Material PDFs from their website. It is the best place to get guidance for the CA Foundation.

They strictly follow the ICAI study material and guide students to learn the best methods of attempting the answers in exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does ICAI give Study Material for CA Foundation?

Ans. Yes, ICAI provides new study modules and papers every year.

Q2. How can I get ICAI CA Foundation Study Material PDF?

Ans. You can download it from VSI. (See link above)

Q3. Is it enough to complete ICAI study material for CA Foundation?

Ans. ICAI material is the best study material for CA Foundation, and it is very much sufficient. However, if you are preparing to score high marks in the exams, use VSI mock test papers.

Q4. Can I pass CA Foundation without the help of CA Coaching classes?

Ans. If you have a strong base of concepts, you can pass the CA Foundation without coaching. However, coaching classes are recommended to prepare to score a good rank in CA Foundation.

Q5. Can I pass CA Foundation with one month of exam preparation?

Ans. If you do really good preparation in a month, then you can pass the exams. But it is better that you do CA Foundation preparation for four months.

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