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My Travel Plans Have Changed! What Happens To My Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance helps you secure your trip against a wide range of unforeseen calamities. Most leading general insurance companies in India offer overseas travel insurance plans that protect you against losses due to medical emergencies, third-party liabilities arising from accidents, loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, and more. That kind of protection will truly let you breathe easy on your getaway!

But what happens to your travel insurance coverage if your travel plans don’t work out?

Let’s find out!

What happens to travel insurance if your trip is cancelled?

In most cases, the insurer will pay you the coverage for trip cancellation that you are entitled to according to the policy fine print. However, do note that this benefit can vary between insurance providers. If you travel frequently and are unsure about last-minute changes to your plans, do make it a point to discuss your concerns with the insurance company before going ahead and buying the policy.

With regards to the payout, most insurers cover you for any losses you have incurred due to your flight ticket costs and pre-booked hotel stay. The exact extent of coverage will be given in detail in your policy wordings.

What happens to travel insurance if your journey is abruptly cut short?

Sometimes, you set out and have to return home unexpectedly. In this case too, your overseas travel insurance policy will cover you. You will most likely receive compensation for the sudden and unexpected expenses you face due to having to travel back home on the spot.

Do be sure to check what kind of emergencies your insurer considers as valid for claiming this coverage. Most insurers approve claims for emergencies that arise due to sudden and severe illness faced by the insured individual, the passing away of an immediate family member or disturbances in the destination due to the occurrence of a natural disaster.

In some cases, the insurer may also allow you to cancel your travel insurance policy if your trip abroad has had to be cut short suddenly. This cancellation is, however, subject to certain terms and conditions that are outlined in your policy literature. For instance, your insurance provider may require that there be a difference of at least 15 days or more between the arrival date and the policy expiry date. If the terms are met, you will receive a refund of your premium upon policy cancellation. Bear in mind that there may be certain deductions on this refund. As these deductions can vary between insurers, do be sure to have proper information at hand about the terms of your policy. This will prevent any confusion when you need to make a claim and/or take any other action on your coverage.

If you have made a claim on your travel insurance policy already, you may not qualify for a cancellation upon cutting your trip short.

We hope that this article has helped improve your understanding of what happens to travel insurance if your trip gets cancelled or cut short. Remember to always buy insurance for overseas travel so you can head to foreign shores with true peace of mind.

Bon voyage and good luck!

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