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Isaimini 2021: The one-stop system to download and install HD films online

The rise of Illegal sites that give access to newly released movies is surely making the movie-making industry clueless. Despite strict rules and regulations of the government, it seems there is no end to piracy.

Well, it is also the netizens who are encouraging such sites to watch new releases out of curiosity and excitement.

Apart from this, India is continuing to be the world’s leader as the top consumer of torrent downloads. Moreover, these downloads include everything including movies, TV series, software, and games as well. One such site that is gaining huge popularity among the netizens is Isaimini.

Isaimini and the craze among netizens

Currently, Isaimini comes among the first few names when it is about copyrighted content for free online. It is available to everyone having access to the internet in one way or the other despite several bans and removals.

Well, unlike other sites, Isaimini is popular all over the nations especially for the movies during their theatrical or OTT releases. But, you can also find TV shows and web series at your fingertips on entering the websites.

It has a great fan base due to the user-friendly interface and indeed a huge collection of free download of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Tamil movies as well. Besides, it provides flawless performance with great optimization when it comes to the search engine. You can get results on the search of any genre like action, horror, adventure, crime, and animation, etc.

On top of this, Isaimini stands at 32,252 Global Alexa rank. Thus, there is no doubt that the site is accessed by netizens even in foreign countries to watch free online movies.

How Isaimini earn by providing illegal movies online for free?

With such a whopping number of fan bases all across the globe, Isaimini is probably one of the most popular sites out there. Besides, it has gained almost 11% more users in the last two years mainly due to this pandemic. As it has a large collection of free movies of all genres, people preferred Isaimini over any paid OTT platforms available.

It is certainly impossible to calculate the exact amount that the site can earn by displaying the free movie. But according to the popular site, the approximate income of Isaimini may be around US$12,267.

Influence of Isaimini on creators and movie makers

Besides earning good income from their illegal service to the netizens, Isaimini affects the movie business to a great extent. With around 150 million visits per year, the loss percentage can hover around 6 to 10% as per recent statistics.

On the other hand, the popularity of Isaimini is also known to the moviemakers including producers, directors, and crew members. There were many cases filed against this site and reports say that it has been banned several times as well.

But with the rapid development of technology, an increase in access to the internet, and unlimited information on the internet, people are finding their way to reach the sites. The use of proxies, VPNs, and many other tricks has outnumbered the effort of the genuine movie-making talents out there.

Steps were taken by the officials to stop such sites

There are undoubtedly many sites out there providing such illegal service by delivering free movies without the consent of authorized sites. Well, India has had strict rules and regulations against movie piracy since 2017. Any kind of infringement or support to it is indeed a criminal act.

Despite such steps against pirated movies, talk shows, or web series, it is the netizens who should understand the efforts of the genuine creators. If the audience is ready to view piracy, it is surely a chance for the provider to earn their profits by delivering the service that is in demand.

If netizens come forward to avoid encouraging such illegal sites, it would be pretty easy to stop such sites from performing such deeds. Not only Isaimini but there are also many other sites that can easily surpass the audience and income of it. Besides, it will be an encouragement for the movie makers to deliver a masterpiece with such support.

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