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The Secret to Tasting Gin Like a Professional!

Since not everyone worldwide can go outside and go to bars and clubs, they are left with creating a party or event in the comfort of their home. If you have a large backyard, you can turn it into the perfect place where you can invite your friends and other family members to enjoy the day.

Instead of the usual barbecue hangout, consider doing a gin tasting mini-event, especially when you know people who are alcohol connoisseurs. You should know that there is a better way to taste gin, and it is usually a method done by gin connoisseurs. If you want to acquire the skills of tasting gin like a professional, you can find several tips to help you become one!

  1. Avoid the garnish, tonic, and ice the first time

Most experienced gin tasters will tell you not to put tonic, ice, or garnish on your gin because it can ruin the flavour and your overall experience with it. If you plan to taste a new gin brand, you should always taste it neat to appreciate its exquisite flavour. It is also the first step in developing your “gin palate” that will help you become an experienced gin taster in the long run.

  1. Always use a curved glass

One other method to become a professional gin taster is to use the correct glass for drinking gin. Note that using a cylindrical glass drink is never a good choice if you drink gin for the first time because it can potentially ruin the flavour and experience. The best way to drink gin is to always use a curved glass.

Expert gin tasters say that using a curved glass lets you smell its gin better. If you do not have a curved glass, another great alternative would be a whiskey glass since it has the shape you need to capture the gin’s aroma. Make sure to give the glass a swirl if you want it to give off more aroma.

  1. Drink neat at room temperature

If you want to open a new bottle of gin, make sure you do it at room temperature because it preserves the smell and flavour better. A good tip with a new gin bottle is to never pour too much on your glass right away. You need to pour a tiny amount in your glass, drink a bit, let it run around your tongue, and breathe lightly.

The reason for that method is that your tongue has specific taste buds on its sides, so it will help make gin tasting better when you cover your whole tongue with it.

  1. Try over ice after drinking neat

If you are not comfortable drinking neat, you can still acquire the same benefits when you drink one with ice. Make sure to place your glass with a block of ice and then pour some gin over it. The ice will interact with the oils and alcohol within the gin, allowing several flavour molecules to release and give you a whole new taste.

  1. Smell coffee after taking a few sips

Some people love gin, but they still need to cleanse their noses afterwards because of its strong alcohol aroma. Fortunately, you can fix that by simply smelling coffee beans to reset your nasal passages.

You should have no problems becoming an experienced gin taster when you keep in mind the different tips mentioned above. Your gin tasting skills will certainly improve when you follow these tips. You can even show off these skills to your friends and peers.


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