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What I need to do to maintain my North Face Jackets or Hoodies

When it comes to maintaining you’re vlone jacket, you will need to take into account the type of material it is made from and the clearly defined washing instructions on the label inside the garment.

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As we have already mentioned, all The North Face jackets or Hoodies come with specific washing instructions marked on the inside label of the garment, detailing how to treat and wash your jacket. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to jacket maintenance, as the care methods for each collection are highly dependent on the material from which the jacket in question is made.

In addition to cleaning your jacket according to the specific instructions on the label, there are some things you can do to preserve its condition that generally apply to all North Face jackets or Hoodies. Everyone can take care of their jacket when they wear it, regardless of the material.


The material of the garment will affect how you can wash and clean your jacket. Some jackets or Hoodies can be machine washed on a cold water cycle, while others need to be hand washed or taken to a dry cleaner.


All of our Future Light jackets or Vlone Hoodies are machine washable. We recommend that all zippers and Velcro closures are closed before washing, even those on the sleeves, which can be forgotten on occasion. Use a mild powder detergent rather than a liquid detergent and wash the jacket on a gentle cycle of cold water. To ensure that all the detergent has been completely rinsed out, we advise you to program two rinse cycles and then let the jacket air dry on the wall.


Fleece jackets or Hoodies are very durable, so they can be washed in a similar way to waterproof jackets or Hoodies, which is quite handy if you have one of our Evolve II Triplicate Jackets or Hoodies, which has a removable fleece lining and a waterproof outer layer.

We recommend that you close all zippers and Velcro before washing it, always with a mild detergent and in cold water. If washing your jacket, turn the jacket over to prevent the padding from clumping. After washing, it is best to allow fleece to air dry.


Down jackets or Hoodies, like the Stretch down Jacket, are filled with goose down, making them more difficult to clean than waterproof or fleece jackets or Hoodies. However, regular cleaning is essential to maintain the soft thermal insulation and ensure that the garment lasts for a long time.

We recommend that you take it to a dry cleaner specialized in the washing of products with feathers so that, with total security, the material and the filling are not damaged. However, if you wash your down jacket at home, use mild detergent and a cold water cycle and then tumble dry, or air dry.


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